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magdas Team


magdas is...

open-minded, courageous, and truly good.

The magdas Team includes people from many different origins, with manifold experiences and life stories. For us, this diversity is a huge asset. It makes our social business exciting and lively. We are sustained by the deep conviction that we are all created equally.

We dare to dream and believe that we achieve what we strive for. As first movers we don?t wait for anybody else to do things, but demonstrate that we can lead the way at the same time do things differently.

We are curious, mindful of tomorrow; think outside the box, and constantly try out new ideas. We are convinced: each of us can change the world for the better.


We consider social business as our forte and the core of all our ventures. Regardless of whether this means perfecting the dumplings served by magdas ESSEN, or creating a fabulous event at magdas HOTEL. We always aim to act truly good ? always holding our guests dearly at heart. This is because we all magdas enjoy our work, and find it meaningful. We deem It important to know what our customers cherish. After all, we all share the same goal: to create new chances for people with limited access opportunities.

The executive branch and division managers can be reached at


magdas management

Gabriela  Sonnleitner

magdas' ambassador

Gabriela embodies social business. And she is happy to pass on information to those who want to learn more about it. Gabriela heads all marketing and communications activities as well as all partner relations at magdas. With experience in both, the social sector as well as business (Vienna Tourist Board, Caritas, Ketchum Publico, etc.), she has now found a new challenge in the field of social business. Together with Michael Kleinbichler, she forms the executive branch of magdas.

Michael Kleinbichler 

magdas' economist

Michi is passionate about numbers, and he loves evaluating business cases. As holder of a degree in business management he watches over all magdas projects always balancing the needs and personal goals of people involved with economic objectives of the organization. This experienced business man, who also studied architecture and worked for Caritas foreign aid in Haiti, Sri Lanka and the Ukraine, together with Gabriela Sonnleitner, forms the executive branch of magdas.

The magdas Division Managers


magdas culinary expert

Markus enjoys culinary delights. As devision manager of magdas ESSEN, his interests go far beyond delicious dishes: Markus is a gastronomy professional with international management experience. He heads the magdas ESSEN team while always keeping an eye on our customers needs. Being a graduate theologian might help him to keep the right mind set to shape our social business. His personality combines culinary knowhow with a fine sense for interpersonal relations in a unique way.


magdas' mobile phone collector

Georgi is our tech nerd. There is no technical innovation that he is not familiar with. And mobile phones are his speciality. As the manager of magdas RECYCLING, the department which is part of the annual fundraiser ?Ö3 Wundertüte?, and also in charge of mobile phone recycling, he is on top things with everything regarding the Tele-com market. This international business economist who gained extensive experience studying abroad also enjoys keeping an eye on other magdas projects. As an inveterate "magdasian? ? Georgi has been with magdas since day one in 2012 ? he regularly represents magdas at international conferences and events.


magdas' care taker

Peter spearheads our division magdas SERVICES. He and his team sign responsible for the facility management of various Caritas facilities and ensures that buildings are clean and function properly. This is what magdas SERVICES is all about. With Peter`s calm and collected nature and longstanding experience in this field, he always keeps his cool. And this is exactly what magdas needs.


magdas' HR expert

Sandra simply likes people. She is full of energy, has excellent communication skills and includes all HR tools in her repertoire. Providing job opportunities is for this well-travelled business economist key to a successful integration into the job market. She is head of HR. With her hands-on and solution-oriented mentality, Sandra?s focus always lies on the human component. Her journey took her from the private sector to a university into the social business.




magdas' arithmetician

Martin likes figures. As the accounting controller, he helps the magdas management ensure financial and economic sustainability. As we build up our social business, he reviews ideas for robust projects with a view to determining whether they can be funded from the organisation's own financial resources. Alongside his specialist expertise, the graduate in business administration is fully aware of the social aspects of our activities and is not just the "business" in our social business.

And how about you 

Do you like magdas too? We want to invite you to help us to further shape magdas, how about it? Giving some of your precious time for a good cause is not such a bad idea after all? At magdas there are various possibilities for volunteers to get involved: knitting lampshades, helping out at events, tutoring German to our employees, EDP training, etc. ? volunteers are already playing a big part in these areas, and we want to seize this moment to thank everyone getting involved for their huge help! ! 


Are you interested in volunteering at magdas? Then contact us at office(at)