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magdas ESSEN

Our business is people.

magdas ESSEN creates career prospects for people who do not get a chance with many other employers. About half of our employees have had the chance to develop their potential for the first time in a long time in our magdas kitchen.

Our food offer is as diverse as our employees. We cook for the needs of senior citizens as well as for small gourmets in kindergartens and schools. Employees in companies draw new strength with our business line and magdas Catering will once again be serving fine scoops and snacks at events in and around Vienna from spring 2022.

We serve sustainable culinary delights.

We cook in Austria's most sustainable commercial kitchen. This is not only good for us, but also for the environment!

magdas ESSEN buys many ingredients from Austrian farmers and producers. In this way, we strengthen local companies, secure jobs and prevent food from driving around unnecessarily. We value organically grown products, serve fish that has been caught using sustainable methods (MSC), and high-quality meat from Austria.


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