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Here old cell phones become valuable.

magdas RECYCLING processes mobile phones from the annual fundraiser Ö3-Wundertüte.

Every year, 400,000 old mobile phones are collected, sorted, processed or recycled in an environmentally friendly way. About 10  employees are involved in the project and for most of them it is the first tangible opportunity to re-enter the labor market after a long period of unemployment.

For more than a decade Hitradio Ö3, the national radio broadcaster, Österreichische Post, Caritas, Licht ins Dunkel (Austrian annual telethon) and the international packaging and paper company Mondi sign responsible for Europe's largest campaign for the collection of old mobile phones, Ö3-Wundertüte. Since the beginning in 2005 nearly six million old mobile phones were converted amounting to almost nine million euro of donation money for the cause. From each mobile phone donated an average of €1.50 per phone is going to families in need.

Cell phone recycling with OE3 Wundertuete.

Being part of it is easy: look for out of use cell phones in your household. Delete all private data from them and remove eventual SIM cards. Final step is putting them in the Ö3 Wundertüte and bringing it to the next post office.

Companies are also invited to donate mobile phones that they no longer need to Ö3-Wundertüte. To do this, please likewise delete any data and remove the SIM cards, pack the devices in a sturdy box and seal it securely. Apply the self-adhesive return label provided by magdas RECYCLING and then take the parcel to the post office. Alternatively, in the case of very large numbers of telephones, individual logistic arrangements can of course be made. 

Since 2019, the team has also been refurbishing laptops and giving them a second life as high-quality second-hand devices.



That is magdas RECYCLING.

Your contact person for all questions about the Ö3 surprise bag and laoptoprecycling with us:

Georgi Lossmann-Iliev
Management magdas RECYCLING