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Ö3 Wundertüte is giving old cell phones a second life.

Caritas Hilfe in Not has been processing cell phone donations from the Ö3 Wundertüte since 2009. A project for people and the environment!

Many of the donated devices can be reused after they have been technically checked and reset. All others are recycled in an environmentally friendly way. In this way, the valuable raw materials can be built into new devices.

None of this would be possible without ten committed colleagues of Caritas Hilfe in Not who get back to the job market with us.

Ö3 Wundertüte - this is how it works.

Private citizens, schools and companies can take part in the annual fundraising campaign.

And this is how it works: Search for old cell phones, delete private data, take out the SIM card, remove cell phones from the cloud, delete PIN and put devices with or without accessories in the Ö3 Wundertüte and bring it to the post office.


We answer all questions about the Ö3 Wundertüte at


By the way: for every cell phone donated, an average of 1.50 euros is donated to families in need. Because what remains after deducting the costs for ongoing operations is donated.