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magdas HOTEL

Think commercially. Act responsibly.

magdas HOTEL is Austria's first social business hotel and part of the magdas social business group founded by Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna in 2012. The aim of the entire group is to resolve social issues in an entrepreneurial way where this seems both possible and expedient. In magdas HOTEL people from all over the world come together and people with refugee experience are trained in hotel and restaurant professions.


Obtaining work in Austria is still a difficult task for people with refugee experience. Initial difficulties with the German language, resentment on the part of many employers and the fact that only after receiving a positive asylum decision (which can often take months or even years) it is difficult to integrate. We are convinced that it is precisely those people who move from abroad that strengthen the hotel business because they bring in a number of skills, talents, languages and cultural backgrounds and thus enable a special positioning on the hotel market. The experience since our opening in February 2015 proves us right.

We do the best we can. Only better.

The renovation of the former Caritas retirement home was financed with 57,306 euros from a crowdfunding campaign and a five-year loan from Caritas in the amount of 1.5 million euros. In order to make do with these rather lean amount for a hotel conversion, recycling and upcycling was used. With the architectural firm AllesWirdGut and artist Daniel Büchel, existing items such as the built-in cupboards of the former retirement home were dismantled and converted into tables, lamps and benches in the only nine-month renovation phase. Numerous donated pieces complement the unique interior of the magdas HOTEL.

Old doors were turned into new mirrors, discarded suitcase storage shelves became wardrobes and bisected armchairs transformed to bedside tables. Volunteers knitted lampshades, worked on the gardens and lent a hand wherever needed. The furnishings of the hotel has been supplemented by numerous donations in kind, as well as by appropriated furniture from the CARLA shops, proving that commitment, flexibility and good ideas can make up for limited funds. In 2015, magdas HOTEL was rewarded for its outstanding achievements with the Austrian State Prize for Design.

10 facts about magdas HOTEL.

First social business hotel in Austria

Opening on February 14th, 2015

Training focus for recognized refugees, 25 hotel professionals, 12 apprentices

Central and quiet location, nearby Vienna Prater

11 nations, more than 20 spoken languages

78 rooms in five categories, 60% with own balcony, three wheelchair accessible rooms

pepped-up furniture: vintage, creatively upcycled, designed by artists

magdas SALON with bar & lounge, terrace, library

well met: meeting rooms


As at 25 August 2021