• magdas
    als Chance.

    magdas schafft Arbeitsplätze für
    Menschen mit geringeren Jobchancen. 

  • magdas
    equals opportunity

    magdas creates jobs for people
    with limited job opportunities.

  • magdas
    equals opportunity

    magdas creates jobs for people
    with limited job opportunities.


magdas philosophy

magdas lives social business

magdas demonstrates that commercial success and social responsibility are not a contradiction in terms. With our social business enterprises we create meaningful jobs and opportunities for individuals who have little or sometimes even no chance of finding a job. This is also appreciated by our customers. Not only do they receive a good product or high-quality service, but also act socially responsible. At magdas we prove that things can be done differently.

magwas founded by Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna in April 2012 with the entrepreneurial objective of solving social issues where this seems both possible and expedient. The concept of social business was established by Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus: profits are reinvested in the business, and funding is only accepted if also available to private businesses. Our projects are economically self-sustaining and their ultimate goal is and remains solving a social challenge.



The strengths and talents of our employees are our greatest asset, their social inclusion our profit. We want people to live self determined lives, and devise ways to the labour market for the long-term unemployed, disabled and people of foreign background.

We believe the concept of social business complements the existing range of services offered by social organizations. This is one of many approaches to tackle the challenges currently faced by the welfare state on the one hand, and the profit-driven market system on the other.

Social business begins where conventional business models end and means investing in areas in which other businesses are economizing.



magdas in numbers


Employees working for
magdas social business.


Employees with
limited job opportunities


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magdas HOTEL


Mobile phones collected
and recycled


portions of food
served daily


Social Business


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