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magdas SERVICES is our team of cleaners: the magdas SERVICES team supports selected (Caritas) institutions by providing professional facility management. As with all the other magdas projects, disadvantaged workers are integrated into a wide variety of work areas.

Besides providing professional facility management for several (Caritas) institutions, magdas SERVICES carries out cleaning duties for Caritas homes. The maintained objective is giving people with limited job opportunities access the labor market. "We have shown that a commercial approach can be successfully linked to a socially beneficial purpose", explains Peter Knappitsch when describing the reasoning of magdas Social Business in positioning itself within this sector.

"Particularly people with limited qualifications have a good chance of getting a job In the cleaning sector. On top of that we endow our employees with solid, professional training, as well as giving them individual development opportunities, so their long term job prospects improve."

Peter Knappitsch, Head of magdas SERVICES, would be happy to answer any further questions concerning the magdas cleaning project.