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magdas DESIGN

Jointly created
by Austrian designers
and Caritas workshops


The overzealous candle holders, the haughty drinking glass, the absent-minded candle, the highly sensitive notebook, the skittish pencil, the over-cautious bookrest ?


Every product from magdas DESIGN tells a special story - of men and women who frequently get labelled as disabled simply because we are accustomed to seeing what is lacking above all else. The products from magdas DESIGN shine a light on the talents of these people. Showing what they can do - making their talents tangible. Touchable, if you like. So it is hardly surprising that the products themselves also have what makes their creators so special, i.e. individuality and personality.


Renowned Austrian designers like Daniel Büchel, Thomas Feichtner, Julia Landsiedl, Wolfgang List and Polka/Marie Rahm & Monica Singer contributed to the first collection from magdas DESIGN. "It was important to me to take inspiration from the people in the workshops and develop products that promoted their talents. On that basis, we found we were able to work together on equal terms," explains Thomas Feichtner.


Eye-catching products emerged in the process. By combining concept, form, material, functionality and originality, and not forgetting the idea behind the creation of these designer items. The designers come up with the ideas, but the individual products are produced in Caritas workshops in Vienna, Lower Austria and Carinthia by people who have been out of work for a long period and by men and women with disabilities, or who find themselves in difficult life situations. The agency We Make created a profound packaging concept for magdas DESIGN, which makes it immediately clear that there is more to these products than meets the eye.

Facts and figures

5 Austrian designers

10 products

10 workshops

Prices from 5 to 40 euro


All products will be available from 10 November.

Distribution partners:

Grüne Erde
Candle holders, bookrest


Drinking glasses

Notebook, gift wrap, bookmark, card

MAK Design-Shop
Candle holders, bookrest, storage jars, candle, notebook
magdas HOTEL

All Products

Caritas Pop-up shop

Candle holders, storage jars, notebook