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magdas as an employer

magdas creates opportunities for people who have fewer chances of finding a job. And our social business shows that economic success and social action are no contradiction.
We believe that the concept of social business as a supplement to the range of services offered by social organizations is a possible answer to the current challenges of the welfare state on the one hand and the profit-oriented market system on the other.

The strengths and talents of our employees are our capital, their social participation the benefit.

It is about self-determination and about giving long-term unemployed people, people with disabilities or people with a refugee background access to the job market.

More than 200 employees currently work at magdas -
half of them are people with fewer job opportunities. magdas employees come from different regions of the world and bring diverse experiences and life stories with them. This diversity enriches our team and makes our social business something very special.

magdas is active in the areas of the hotel business, gastronomy, cleaning services and recycling. We create meaningful jobs and training positions with our social business companies:


magdas HOTEL

A colorful place to get together. The magdas HOTEL on the Vienna Prater has 78 rooms and is run by professionals from the hotel industry together with people with a refugee background.

magdas KANTINE

Good food, served daily in our magdas KANTINEN and, as a special extra, a large portion of social added value comes to the table with every meal.

magdas ESSEN

magdas ESSEN cooks and caters - for offices, retirement homes, schools, kindergartens and events of all kinds.


The Ö3 Wundertüte gives old mobile phones a second life and enables around ten employees to re-enter the labour market. Find out more about magdas RECYCLING and get to know our production manager in a short (German) video.


Our diverse team from magdas REINIGUNG offers services in the area of daily maintenance cleaning. Azra tells in a video (in German) what she likes about magdas.

magdas not only offers jobs, but also enables training and further education.

Through personnel development measures and training, the potential of magdas employees is expanded, promoted and further developed. In this way, people with fewer job opportunities are integrated into the labor market in the long term. And we all benefit from that.

At magdas HOTEL we are training young people with a refugee background in various hotel and restaurant professions as part of an apprenticeship focus. In our (German) video, apprentice Ahmad explains what opportunities magdas opens up for him.

Take responsibility

If you would like to be part of magdas, have a look in which jobs we need support. We are happy about every person who says that suits me and who wants to enrich magdas with their personality and skills.

What does it mean to be a manager at magdas?

Our managers have a lot of leeway in designing their sphere of activity and certainly do not need to worry about the meaningfulness of their actions.

If you think: I really want to join them, send us a speculative application via our application portal very soon.

We are always happy when people want to work with us who say together with us: We want to be really good.